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      Equipment Engineer

      Science English Language Arts

      Ready? Set? Build! Test your knowledge of heavy equipment (and your spelling skills) as you choose the right tool for the right job.

      Wild Water Adventures

      Science English Language Arts

      Water is life! And it’s extremely important in the world of agriculture. Farmers and ranchers depend on water to grow their crops and to raise livestock. How much do you know about water? Find out, and learn more in this fun reading game.

      Where in the World

      Geography English Language Arts

      Calling all detectives! Someone stole facts from the My American Farm library and it’s your job to trot-the-globe to find them. Take a journey, learn the facts, bring them home and win a reward.


      Science Engineering

      For plants to thrive they need healthy soil. Take a journey into the earth as you study and test different soil types in gritty adventure.

      The Steaks are High

      Math Health

      Ever wondered how your delicious beef got to your table? The “steaks” are high for farmers and ranchers who know the importance of caring for animals and the environment. Beef up your math skills as you play!

      Funded by the Beef Checkoff

      The Great Seed Search

      Math Science Geography

      Seeds are important for agriculture! Pick your very own plane and fly around the world collecting rare seeds in this exciting game.

      That's Life


      Plants, animals, and even products we use everyday have a lifecycle. They change shape and size from when they begin to when they are in their finishing stage. Check out this game to learn more about lifecycles.


      Health Science Engineering

      In this action packed game you’ll spin the magic wheel, challenge your knowledge, and solve challenging puzzles as you learn just how much science and technology goes into modern agriculture.

      Power Up

      Math Science Engineering

      Are you ready to dive into the powerful world of energy? In this game you’ll help a country in need discover how to power-up different regions based on different energy resources. Hit switches, get juiced up, and play Power Up now!

      An Egg-Citing Poultry Adventure

      Math Health

      Are you so egg-cited that you just can’t hide it? In this game you get to count your chickens, before (and after) they’re hatched. Join the flock, have some fun and learn about poultry along the way.

      Brought to you by the US Poultry and Egg Association and funded by the USPOULTRY Foundation

      Operation Peanut Butter

      Math Health Science

      Have you ever wondered what’s up with Peanut Butter? Where does it come from? Who makes it? Why is it so incredibly delicious? You’ll learn all that and more in Operation Peanut Butter.

      Funded by National Peanut Board

      My Little Ag Me

      Science English Language Arts

      Step into the world of agricultural careers as you try on the clothes, pick up the tools, and visit the places where the men and women of American agriculture work. Get inspired by real-world in-the-field videos as you complete each level.

      Let's Make Something Tasty

      Health English Language Arts

      You just purchased some delicious products at the grocery store but your recipes are missing something. Solve the word-find puzzles to unlock the mystery and to have some yummy fun.

      Keys to Stewardship

      Science Engineering English Language Arts

      Unlock your brainpower by solving a series of tangrams. Discover the cool ways farmers and ranchers are stewards of our natural resources and wildlife by solving these challenging and fun puzzles.

      Harvest This

      Math Science

      It’s harvest time! Products have been harvested and you must load the correct amount of each onto the truck for transport. Get your math hat on, and get your muscles ready, because this is a challenge that’s heavy on fun!

      Grocery Grab

      Health Science

      Are you a master meal builder? Are you a grocery store expert? In this fun game you’ll beef up your nutrition knowledge.

      Funded by the Beef Checkoff

      Finders Keepers

      Health Science

      Get ready, get set, get healthy! In this game speed and nutrition come together. Learn to identify different food groups and about the importance of exercise and a balanced diet in this fit and fast paced game.

      Auction Adventures

      Math Geography

      Are you quick on your feet and sharp as a tack? Do you think you’ve got what it takes to be part of the fast paced world of auctioneering? Find out in Auction Adventures!

      Brought to you by NAA and funded by the National Auctioneers Foundation.

      Amazing Grains

      Math Science Geography

      Farmers produce amazing grains and you can produce amazing results as you solve challenging math word problems.

      Ag Across America

      Science Geography

      Learn about different agriculture commodities grown across the United States. Answer questions from real farmers to win prizes and build your own farm.

      The Buzz

      Science Geography

      Fly down to Pollinatorville and take a ride with the hard working insects who perform a valuable service to all of nature. Pollinators are fascinating, so get on board and win badges along the way.

      Memory Match

      English Language Arts

      Whirlwind Willy has been up to no good! He mixed up the cards that Farmer Faye and her friends were playing with and now she needs your help to put them back into the right order again. Are you up for the challenge?

      Load the Lunchbox

      Math Health

      The children in Healthy Hollow are hungry and they need your help! You can be the hero as you and Farmer Luis harvest healthy nutritious food to fill their lunchboxes.

      Fact or Fairytale

      English Language Arts

      Go on an adventure with Jacob Justthefacts to learn where your food, fiber and fuel come from. Learn some eye-opening information about American agriculture in this fast paced game.

      Farmers Market Challenge

      Math Health

      Explore different booths and solve fun story puzzles at a colorful farmers market. Meet the producer and sharpen your math and reading skills.

      In My Barn

      Math Health Science

      Take care of the animals in your barn, earn points and watch the grain build up in the silo. If you win, you can get a reward in this colorful and entertaining game.

      Get The Apps

      My American Farm

      Discover the amazing world of agriculture as you build farm equipment, create your own avatar, travel the country, and help organize the barn - and that's just the beginning. You'll enjoy playing these games, which reinforce core academic learning standards for Pre-K through 5th Grade, but are fun for all ages. Fill up your "Passport to Sustainability" with stamps as you successfully complete each game.

      Ag Across America

      Jump in and discover agriculture across America in this fun app, designed for K-5th grade learners. You’ll love building your own farm as you earn fun farm items answering questions correctly. Add animals and equipment to your farm as you go! Learn fun facts about states across the country, and discover what different commodities really look like with picture match questions.

      All About Beef

      Ever wondered how your delicious beef got to your table? The “steaks” are high for farmers and ranchers who know the importance of caring for animals and the environment in the beef production process. Become a master meal builder and grocery store expert! In this fun game you’ll beef up your nutrition knowledge.

      STEM Games

      Discover the amazing world of STEM in agriculture while playing four different games each focused on one element of STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. These games reinforce core academic learning standards for 3rd through 5th grade and are fun for all ages!

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